We don’t think straight in “Panic” situation and how to deal with it.

A good sunny day is what we’ve all been waiting for but this happen…
After weeks of not seeing sunrise.

Every year from Sept – Mac we have to deal with the rainy season… Malaysia records 400-500 of drowning cases yearly. And the most common locations are waterfall, ocean, lakes and rivers. Parents often fear for their young ones to be near the water… and all this can be prevented.

A week ago, I heard from the radio, there have been flash flood all around due to the long constant and massive rain. Water rises in minutes and when we’re stuck in a situation like that. We start to get “Panic” and being panic is the last thing you need to be in such situation.

What happens when we’re panic? That’s right, we don’t think straight…
So, why am I telling you all this?
Earlier today, i had a student that was PANIC!
She is 8 years old and could swim pretty well. Her coordination of hands, legs & breathing was good.
the moment I brought her to the deeper end of the pool. Everything went haywire!
I asked her what happened? She kept quite… I asked her why didn’t you open your mouth to breath? She kept quite…

Then I focused on just “Safety in Water” class day.
I explained to her about her being panic and guided her through what she could do in situation like that.
Stayed by her side, we had a chat about her level of confidence and got her to practise different life saving techniques…
After 30 mins of practise, she could do it and I explained to her about the danger of it.
She understood why and was glad she finally did it.

To put it simply, it’s a mindset. It’s a mindset of understanding yourself. With this mindset, you’re able to achieve anything and create a self believe and confidence that’s worth more than anything could buy. . You might be thinking, I’m here to learn how to swim, not changing my mindset program, why does this work?

Think about how you will be when you have good confidence.

You’ll be able to : ❌ the FEAR of water. ❌ the PANIC situation. ❌ the LOWER SELF.

With all those being eliminated, whatever we learn will be much easier and more enjoyable. All it takes is a decision to “eliminate” all that today.

Comment below and let me know what are your thoughts.

P.S. I wasn’t always with the best mindset before but it has changed me. There will be new programs coming out in January 2020. Follow us for updates and see how we are able to help eliminate all that.

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