Open Letter to you! – “Would it help if you know just ONE technique?”

“Easy Life Saving Techniques”

Hello friend,

It’s been almost two weeks since we see good sun. The super loud thunder even shakes my apartment. That’s really scary…

From my last post, I spoke about being PANIC and how I focused on just “Safety in Water” class day. Today I would like to share these easy technique that you might be interested in…

When I get an enquiry, I would usually ask these questions.

What would you like to achieve for yourself or your child to achieve? What is your number one GOAL?

And most of the answer I get is to be able to tread water or as long as my child knows how to come up to breath.

Here’s my question…

Would it help if you know just ONE technique?

What kind of “Easy Life Saving Technique” you can use to save yourself and prevent from drowning.

When I was 13 years old and didn’t know how to swim. I had to hang onto the wall and was afraid to go towards the deeper end… until I learn how to swim the basics.

Here’s my 3 favourite : 

1) Floating 

2) Sculling technique

3) Water Treading

Click here to see one of my student in action. He’s only 5 years old. He used to be afraid because he can’t reach the bottom of the pool – like me but 5 years old?

WOW! Isn’t that amazing. Now he jumps in to get into the pool.

These are not only life saving skills.

It’s a skill that once you have it… It’ll be able to also build your confidence, a better version of yourself and much more.

It’s a skill that can’t be taken away from you. 

I spoke about eliminating your FEAR, PANIC and LOWER SELF in my last post. With all that eliminated, swimming will be much more easier and enjoyable. Don’t you think so?

Is like a baby starts to crawl. They’ll crawl every inch of the house. And when they start to walk… They’ll don’t want you to carry or hold them.

You see what I mean? we are all at that point once.

Racheal Tan

Founder of RJ Global Swim Mobile

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