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Gaining your strength, courage, and confidence by every experience. Defeat aqua-phobia by taking action TODAY!!! Global Swim Mobile is committed to excellence.


All factors need to be considered when determining the best technique for each swimmer. Good strategy involves more than just one technique. Doing so can alter the biomechanics of the swimmer’s motion & mindset.

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Being a more focused swimmer won’t automagically make you an olympian overnight. Practise -> Focus -> Technique improves -> Boost confident -> Swim Faster. (Enjoyable session)

Going for my individual swimming lessons is akin to people who engaged personal fitness instructor. They want to achieve a fitness milestone under a supervision and guidance of an expert. I learn swimming formally as a child but has not swam for over 15 years. So, I engaged Racheal with the sole purpose of correcting my technique and want to incorporate swimming as part of my post surgery recovery exercise. From my lessons, I got to refine my techniques and at the same time learn how we use different parts of the body in swimming, which was something not taught when I was a child. I appreciate that my lessons were also very informative. Racheal has swimming tools which made my lesson more fun. For instance, if the focus of the lesson was to build arm strength, then I would wear paddles on my hands when I do breast stroke. She also introduces what I call ‘de-constructed’ strokes which adds variety to the lessons. You should speak to Racheal to find out what it really is. As a child, I enjoyed my swimming lessons and I am glad that I still do as an adult. Racheal knows how to engage with adult swimmers so my lessons with her has renewed my interest in swimming again. – J.Chua

My 2 daughters took swimming lessons from Racheal when they were in Malaysia for their summer vacation.  My oldest daughter, aged 11, knew some swimming techniques whereas my youngest daughter, aged 6, had only some very basic swimming skills when we first met Racheal in 2017. During the first summer vacation, they had time only for 5 lessons.  But even with only 5 lessons, my youngest daughter was able to tread and gained confidence in the water, which was the primary goal for the 5 lessons.  I was really impressed that Racheal was able to do that in just 5 lessons. The girls had 10 -12 lessons with Racheal again this past July 2019.  The girls were able to learn fast and with the correct technique because Racheal demonstrated every new stroke with them in the water herself.   She did it with them side-by-side and would help them position their hands in the right angle when it was necessary. This is critical to ensure that proper and correct techniques are being followed and done correctly. It also helps that Racheal is a very patient instructor.  She would have the girls repeat the same stroke until they had mastered it correctly. When we returned to the US, my youngest daughter passed aswimming test at a 12 feet deep-end pool! As a parent, I greatly appreciate that Racheal is very punctual.  If she is ever late, she would text and update me regarding her arrival time.  Racheal is very professional and is a dedicated swimming instructor. I highly recommend her without any hesitation for students with any level of swimming proficiency. I was very fortunate to have her coached my 2 daughters when they were in Malaysia for their vacation.  It was time very well-spent and invested! Thank you so much, Racheal! – SF Wee, Seattle, WA, USA.

I find Racheal a very patient and helpful coach. She is innovative & knowledgeable… She comes out with unique and specialised exercises or stretches that cater to my needs. Thanks to Racheal, I find working out in water much more effective for me than working out in the gym (Less chances of injury) – Dr Chong, GP- KL

Nikie is a strict coach and my boy needs to be discipline to be a good swimmer for beginner. She makes sure the kids learn the proper ways and motivates my son to keep trying. The kids are allowed to take a break in between lessons to have some water fun with friends too – Yennie. Petaling Jaya

My son just started his swimming classes. By just attending 2 classes, I already can see his improvement under good coaching of Racheal. She is an experienced coach and has good skills in teaching children. Most importantly, my son enjoys the classes and has fun learning. I could already foresee that he will be advancing fast in different swimming styles. – Linda & Brandon (8 y.o)

Coach Nikie is a good coach and she takes things seriously as soon as the lesson starts! She fully concentrate and focus on swimmer’s mistakes and will immediately assist in correcting their strokes. On top of that, once our children’s skill has improved, she groups them differently so she could focus better accordingly. – Mr & Mrs Chia & Christon (10 y.o)

Nikie is a strict coach and my boy needs to be discipline to be a good swimmer for beginner. She makes sure the kids learn the proper ways and motivates my son to keep trying. The kids are allowed to take a break in between lessons to have some water fun with friends too – Yennie & Ng Jin Petaling Jaya

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